Places I’d like to go this Holiday Season

Dear Husband,

I hope you are reading this and it turns out to be my lucky day! For yesterday I was flipping through our family album which took me back in time, deep down the memory lane. That one time, on our first holiday in Europe, when you paid 5 extra euros, way back in circa 2000, to get us a table inside the café vs standing outside by the bar table. I sweet-bitter taste of that authentic Italian cappuccino is still fresh in my memory. And how unbelievably happy I was when you booked us for hot air ballooning. The first time I saw turquoise waters or picture-perfect locales, so many wonderful shots!

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Why Spending on Experiences is Better Than Buying Toys

We all want to raise our kids to the best we can. To be honest, part of that is also linked to how much we can and want to splurge on kids and related stuff. But one thing runs in common across the spectrum, we ALL want to buy the best that our money can for our kids.


When I had my first child, I couldn’t resist the urge to buy a new toy, that cute frock or atleast nursery supplies every time I was at the mall. Every single time, I must confess that. We ended up possessing, many many toy that were suitable for her age  group. But did my child really understand or appreciate the difference between wooden block-set, lego blocks and mega blocks? Is there any point in buying so many toys, one after the other? At one point she was more interested in playing with the wrapping box of the toy rather than the toy itself. Probably the wrapping box provided a better visual stimuli than the toy itself, which was a variation of something she had already played with either at home or playschool.

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Why I recommend flying ANA Airlines to Japan.

Home is where you feel you belong and for me that started the minute I set foot on the Tokyo bound flight this summer. My excited bunch of 2 kids aged 4 and 9 have already decided in their head that Emirates is the best airline to fly with. With their name printed meals, an inflight Santa to distribute gifts round the year and mid-night on-spot photo prints, I too do tend to sometimes imagine taking Emirates for New Zealand or South Africa. That is plain crazy of course.


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Thailand, Maldives or Malaysia, what’s your pick for New Years?

When I think of a beach holiday, I want turquoise blue waters, powdery sandy beaches and mild sun. I visualize myself on the beach, lying back sipping chilled fresh tropical fruit juice, kids having endless fun building sand castles, the excitement with each wave bouncing us back to the beach, sometimes snorkeling or kayaking, but only sometimes as I am not so much of an adventure junkie. A beach holiday to me is the default setting for winter vacations.

And it’s not so difficult to guess why. With cold chilling winters sweeping through India, I don’t mind a little bit of warmth and sunshine. Indian winters mean all of North and Central India is shut for all practical reasons, atleast for me. And there are only so many times you can do a Goa or a Kerela.


So here are my favorite short flight beach destinations for you to compare and click that book button.

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Newly Opened 6300 Sq Ft Kiddie Playarea And Other Options For Small Kids At SMAAASH

There is unbearable heat in my hometown and last couple of years that we have tried spending summers there, both my kids have invariably come down with heat stroke. So the verdict from nana-nani this year is to stay put in Mumbai.

We do head out for 2 weeks for a holiday in the hills, but that apart it’s a Staycation for our family this year. Yes Staycation, that’s a real word and it doesn’t mean stay at home and watch TV all day. Not at all. It means we are going to be staying in our home but participate in MANY leisure activities within driving distances, dining out more frequently, setting up the makeshift swimming pool, getting creative in the kitchen and much more. Basically avoiding routine and creating a feeling of a traditional vacation.

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Why Abu Dhabi And Dubai Makes A Perfect Getaway For Kids And You Alike

Abu Dhabi 2This December we decided to take a short break in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. I would like to start with the fact that we were not too impressed with the itinerary. There didn’t seem to be many options, a few theme parks and rest was left to entertainment thrown in at the shopping malls.  What happened once there is a different story altogether. Here is a day-by-day account of the amazing experience we had.

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Wondering If Your Toddler Is Ready For A Holiday Yet?

One thing I and my husband have in common is our passion for travel. We don’t let go of any opportunity to travel. Be it weekends, summer holidays, Diwali in hometown or long drives during monsoon months.

So it’s hard to believe that we did not take a single holiday for the first 3 years after my daughter was born. We were concerned about infections, climate change and most of all feeding. WHAT will I feed her? What if I don’t find the fruits that she likes? How will I warm milk in the hotel room in the middle of the night? I knew she won’t have anything other than milk if she woke up in the middle of the night, part hungry, part sleepy and fully fussy. How will I store the milk? If not totally infeasible, it did seem like a LOT of effort.

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