How to Visit a New Mom Without Making her Uncomfortable

I wish the hospital or atleast the neonatologist gave me a Do’s & Don’ts list for visitors and well-wishers, both in English and Hindi that I could stick outside my house, right next to the doorbell. That I could flash on my baby’s pram or stick on my backpack when venturing out with my little bundle of joy. But babies don’t come with a product manual, God just invented moms and forgot to write the baby manual. So here I am today, writing all those things that made me mad, made me lose my sleep, made me so uncomfortable that I dreaded the next visit from that well-wisher. Continue reading “How to Visit a New Mom Without Making her Uncomfortable”


Why Spending on Experiences is Better Than Buying Toys

We all want to raise our kids to the best we can. To be honest, part of that is also linked to how much we can and want to splurge on kids and related stuff. But one thing runs in common across the spectrum, we ALL want to buy the best that our money can for our kids.


When I had my first child, I couldn’t resist the urge to buy a new toy, that cute frock or atleast nursery supplies every time I was at the mall. Every single time, I must confess that. We ended up possessing, many many toy that were suitable for her age  group. But did my child really understand or appreciate the difference between wooden block-set, lego blocks and mega blocks? Is there any point in buying so many toys, one after the other? At one point she was more interested in playing with the wrapping box of the toy rather than the toy itself. Probably the wrapping box provided a better visual stimuli than the toy itself, which was a variation of something she had already played with either at home or playschool.

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Mom = Multitasking, a funny take

Few days back I found myself doing this! That’s when I realized how much we moms value every single idle second in our life. The 3 seconds that I found idle while my throat and mouth were working in tandem on gargling, I judiciously decided to spend on reading the oh-not-so-important WhatsApp messages. How smart to beat the timeclock and get the best out of the 6 times a day I need to gargle during my sore throat days! Continue reading “Mom = Multitasking, a funny take”

Returning To Work After Career Break

When I was looking at getting back to work, I had a zillion questions running through my head. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to strike the work-mommy balance. Could I fully trust the baby with the caregiver? Was this the right time to join back or should I extend my maternity break? More importantly, would I still have the energy to give 100% to both parenting and work?

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Tuitions for Hindi, are you serious?

Seriously! When a friend told me about Hindi tuitions, I was like really? What are you saying? I mean, we are Indians and Hindi is our National language, last I knew? And Hindi, who doesn’t know how to speak and write in Hindi, if you are from a Hindi speaking state. It’s a different matter if you don’t belong to a Hindi speaking state, but otherwise come-on.

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Oh Boy! Those Smelly Socks

As my boy is growing up I am not only learning to be color-blind but also noseblind. Color-blind as there are only those many shades of blue and grey shirts or tshirts or trousers that are humanly possible to shop for. And nose-blind because it’s only so many times that I can wash his socks (read quite smelly) every single time he comes back from school or football or playground or wet in the rains or blah blah! Continue reading “Oh Boy! Those Smelly Socks”

PART 2 – Sudha Murthy Book Review And Why She Believes In Telling Stories To Children

Everybody in “kid” town seems to be talking about Mrs. Sudha Murthy. Her latest book “The Serpent’s Revenge: Unusual Tales from the Mahabharata” has caught the fancy of many readers, like always. Both young and young at heart.

For once I have firsthand experience. From the 300 odd comments on my previous blog ” Why Sudha Murthy Writes For Children And What She Has To Tell To Young Mothers“, it’s pretty evident that Mrs. Murthy strikes a note with millions of  readers for her down to earth attitude, practical at the same time, very valuable advice which she narrates in the simplest language through her stories.

Mrs. Murthy stories are based on her own personal experiences. Ever wondered how easily you could relate to the plot or characters in her books.  Simply because she has either been a part of the plot herself as a child or woven the story as a grandma for her grandchildren.

Why Mrs. Murthy believes in telling stories? 

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Why Sudha Murthy Writes For Children And What She Has To Tell To Young Mothers

Mrs. Sudha Murthy needs no introduction.

She launched her latest book “The Serpent’s Revenge – Unusual Tales from the Mahabharata” today in Mumbai amidst a very excited and enthusiastic bunch of children making sure to write every child’s name on the book while signing it. She was in conversation with RJ Anita from Radio One.


Mrs Murthy started the conversation by emphasizing the importance of reading amongst young children. She says “If you read more, you will learn more, you will discover new aspects, you will develop a viewpoint and you will tell unusual or your own interpretation of the tale”.

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What Nita Ambani Has To Say About The Teenage Novelist Zuni Chopra

All of 15 years, Zuni Chopra doesn’t take long to capture your attention. She has the energy, the voice, the positivity that exhibits confidence which arises from deep talent. A high schooler, Zuni has already written two books on poems and this is her first novel.


She was at Crossword, Mumbai today for the launch of her debut novel, “The House that Spoke”. The book launch was graced by Mrs. Nita M Ambani. While unveiling the book, Mrs. Ambani shared a few thoughts about the budding teenage novelist.

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Does Your Bed-Time Also Start With Endless Questions?

Do I see you nodding a yes? My bedtime for sure starts with endless questions from my daughter. As if that is the most crucial time of the day for having a chat on anything and everything possible! From school related topics to lunch menu, petty fights, friends, recent books, outer space everything comes to her head ONLY once she hits the bed. Or atleast that’s how it feels.

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