FRUITS – Best and Worst Times to Eat & their Portion Sizes

Growing up in a modern family with doctor for a father, I believed all my life that anything can be eaten at any point. I never felt the need nor interest to understand food.  When I felt hungry I ate whatever felt good, aka tasty and healthy to some extent since healthy eating was strongly reinforced in my family. So a guava after dinner was perfectly okay or a bowl full of sweet grapes after lunch to tame my taste buds. When sick with common cold or stomach upset I took allopathic medicines and moved on with life.

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Why Spending on Experiences is Better Than Buying Toys

We all want to raise our kids to the best we can. To be honest, part of that is also linked to how much we can and want to splurge on kids and related stuff. But one thing runs in common across the spectrum, we ALL want to buy the best that our money can for our kids.


When I had my first child, I couldn’t resist the urge to buy a new toy, that cute frock or atleast nursery supplies every time I was at the mall. Every single time, I must confess that. We ended up possessing, many many toy that were suitable for her age  group. But did my child really understand or appreciate the difference between wooden block-set, lego blocks and mega blocks? Is there any point in buying so many toys, one after the other? At one point she was more interested in playing with the wrapping box of the toy rather than the toy itself. Probably the wrapping box provided a better visual stimuli than the toy itself, which was a variation of something she had already played with either at home or playschool.

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Whole Wheat & Jaggery Chocolate Chip Cookies

My kids have a really bad sweet tooth. I must admit I am guilty of one too. Hence I have taken to baking at home and all my recipes use whole wheat flour instead of refined maida & jaggery instead of refined sugar.


Preparation Time: 20 mins

Baking Time: 8 mins

Makes: A dozen cookies

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Ever Wondered How To Make Fresh Juices Without Adding Sugar?

Have you ever wondered how to make fresh juices without adding sugar? The white sugar afterall takes some goodness away from the freshly squeezed juice. But can I really just take away the sugar from a musambi juice. I find plain musambi juice so bland. With all the hard work involved in peeling, squeezing, blending & straining, I really look forward to a tasty outcome.

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What NOT To Do With Your Toddler – A Funny Take

As a mother of 2 fast growing and rebellious kids, I have had my share of goof-ups! I have written enough and more on these. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t end up messing up on more occasions than I would like to admit publicly. So today I have compiled a lot of things which in my opinion are a “What NOT to do with a toddler”

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Lessons I Learnt When I was New to Baking

BakingI was a terrible cook until a year back. My kids worshiped their nani or for that matter maasi when it came to good food. One day, sometime around the start of this year, I had had enough of it. So I decided to take the lunge and baking was the first thing I wanted to nail down!!

Like with anything else, baking seemed like this massive glorified thing till the time I actually get to it. It was a smooth sail once there it but I must admit that I was quite unsure the first time. If you are planning to bake your first cupcake, here are a few lessons that I learnt.


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5 Minutes Snack Ideas For Working-Moms To Impress Your Guests

If you need snacking ideas that are under 5 minutes, are easy to make, uses simple ingredients found in your kitchen and will impress your guests then you will love this collection. All of them are made with deliciously thick and creamy Greek Yogurt, so it will be easy to digest, will have extra milk protein & calcium making it a healthier snack. To top it, all these 6 recipes taste delicious.

You can try different variations of these recipes for repeat guests. Just change the topping, fruits or the flavor of the yogurt used.img-20170818-59965cfac5459

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5 Effortless Drinks Your Kids Can Try Making Themselves This Summer Holidays

If you are looking at engaging the kids fruitfully this summer without putting in too much efforts or planning then you will like this collection. All of them are no-fire cooking and made from ingredients that are easily available in your kitchen.


Not only will your kid love being off TV, he will also feel good about being in-charge of making his “drink for the day”.


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I Wish I Could Stay Energetic Through The Day

As a teen I remember feeling tired very easily. I couldn’t take the summer heat at all. Having working parents meant that I got access to their car and driver for drop to the bus stop or school and later to the junior college. The only time I carried my heavy school bag on my shoulders was while inside the school premises.  I did love sports, a lot, but I wouldn’t say I ever qualified to make it to the finals.


As I went on to study Bachelors in a different city, the story continued. I would prefer to stay in or hang out with friends at the coffee shop instead of tagging along for treks or hikes or cycling. With the sad state of hostel food, I used to get bad headaches due to infrequent meals. At that time I started getting dependent on hot cups of tea to keep myself energized.


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How Does Karan Johar Plan To Preempt Child Obesity For His Twins?

Karan Johar is so spontaneous and full of energy. He’s been my favorite filmmaker for the last decade and remains my favorite entertainer. At a recent book launch when he was quizzed about his own relationship with food, he was quick to say that FOOD was the only sibling he had, for the lack of any other and consumed in excess. That it never really left him! If it wasn’t on the dinner table then it was in the discussion zone. It sort of went in infinite loops. His own struggle with obesity is not a hidden fact.


So his way to deal with this obsession for food for his twins will be simple – Food shouldn’t be given so much importance! There is so much more to talk and do with kids these days than to focus on food. He doesn’t want to be a paranoid parent, especially when he sees so many successful actresses turn into hyper active paranoid beings once they become a parent.

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