How To Deal With The Feeling Of Worthlessness

Aparna woke up at 5.15am, hastily rushing to the kitchen, she was already 15 mins late. Without wasting any more time she immediately got started with her morning rituals, which was a set pattern. Boil the milk, take out the chopped vegetables from the fridge and make the curry for dabba. Pack the 3 lunch boxes with a variety of things for her kids and hubby, make the breakfast and then head out at 6.30am to wake her kids.

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What’s keeping me so busy despite quitting my job

On certain days, or rather many many days off-late, I have been doing the cook-drop-pick-feed-repeat routine. That’s mainly because (A) my kids are fast growing up into challenging individuals, they have a mind of their own. For now, it’s not only about reminding them to go to bed at 8 pm, it’s also about constantly settling the never-ending negotiations as to why they should sleep at 8, or on time or why on weekends too or why papa is allowed to be still awake etc etc! And that’s just one item in the day, then there are things like, why eat dhoodhi and not rajma everyday, why not watch more TV and so on and so forth! It’s totally exhausting, just writing about it, imagine the real act! EVERYDAY!

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I Like Not Only To Be Loved, But Also To Be Told I Am Loved!


Who wouldn’t agree with this now? With Valentine’s Day around the corner here are some interesting ways to celebrate LOVE.


Put together your sweet and sour memories, craziest moments of madness or express your feelings for your spouse, though a bouquet of messages. Read them aloud one by one when together.

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What does Freedom mean to me?

Hmm, so what does freedom really mean to me? I am thinking as I am writing this. So what’s the first thought that comes to my mind on the topic? Let’s see!

Seeing the Republic Day parade – NO
A day off – Maybe, but nah, not really

I would say, freedom to me really = (equals) to be able to do WHAT I WANT.

If I want to wear a denim and loose fitting tee, not a salwar kurti dupatta to the temple, I can do so with my head held high. With no stares from onlookers. If I want to have non-veg food on Tuesdays because devotion comes from within and not with what I eat or not eat, I should have the right to do so without being judged or imposed.

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I Want to Become the BEST Version of Myself in the Year 2018

It’s not that every year I don’t make a list of resolutions. But this year is a bit different. While everybody else is busy building their resolution list, my resolution is summed up in just one line – “I want to become the BEST version of myself in the year 2018”. Trust me, I am very determined to achieve this.

And here is what it really translates into!


#1 Be more GRATEFUL

I think I do feel grateful for things I have in my life but then there are days that I feel low. For it could be anybody from kids to husband, in-laws and particularly maid. Noone is perfect, isn’t it? The key is to look at the glass as half full and not quarter empty. So in the New Year I want to minimize the number of instances of quarter empty.

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Mom = Multitasking, a funny take

Few days back I found myself doing this! That’s when I realized how much we moms value every single idle second in our life. The 3 seconds that I found idle while my throat and mouth were working in tandem on gargling, I judiciously decided to spend on reading the oh-not-so-important WhatsApp messages. How smart to beat the timeclock and get the best out of the 6 times a day I need to gargle during my sore throat days! Continue reading “Mom = Multitasking, a funny take”

#StopJudging Me For Spending Diwali At My Mayaka And NOT Sasural

Oh so you are NOT celebrating Diwali in “your” house? You mean, you will be in your hometown but you won’t stay at your in-laws (refers to “your” house) for Diwali?


Every year and year after year, I dread this question. To the extent that I am now tempted to not divulge the details unless really needed. I am instantly perceived as that insensitive bahu who has abandoned her in-laws, stolen the son of the house and disregarded tradition.

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Am I Closer To My Mom At 35?

Am I getting closer to my mom as I am growing older? Am I more affectionate than I was earlier? Did my perception of her undergo a huge overhaul after having to raise my own kids? The answer to all of these, I guess we all know, is a BIG YES


When I was 16 and my mother frowned at me for talking too much to boys or bunking lectures for movies, buying short dresses or not finishing that unimaginably full glass of milk? I would just go mental. I remember getting very embarrassed and mad opening my lunchbox which always had a fruit while others feasted on samosas and ice-creams.

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The Girl Shouldn’t Have Gone Out At 12 #StopVictimShaming

What kind of absurdity is that? Are girls animals that they have defined zoo timings? Why are we even speaking about Feminism here in this country when top rank lawmakers speak this language? Stop the rubbish about Beti-Bachao then.

“The girl shouldn’t have gone out at 12 in the night. Why was she driving so late?” says BJP State Vice President Ramveer BhattiSexual Harassment at work

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I Am That Mother Who Is Shy To Talk On Matters Of Sexuality To Kids

I know a lot is being said regarding educating kids on matters of sexuality, to teach them about good touch and bad touch, to talk to them matter of factly. Every time I read a post, I am reminded that I need to breach this topic. But then when the situation arises, I find myself quite tongue tied.

Mother and daughter hugging

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